Eating Oreos in Bed

Today I had a second interview with Anthropologie. I didn’t feel like it went well. I didn’t really feel like it went badly either. The whole thing left me confused. I mean, when someone starts an interview off by asking you to tell them about yourself… Um, are you kidding me? What a question! Especially when you’re asking this girl. Tell you about myself? Where do I begin? Where do I stop? 
I like pasta, but not waffles. 
My whole family lives in California, but I live in Georgia. 
One of my biggest goals right now in my entire life is for my hair to be shoulder length by summer.
I really like watching spinach wilt and I also know how to use Photoshop. 
I’m a fashion design student who isn’t sure she wants to design fashions, but wants you to hire her for a fashion design internship, pretty pretty please. 
The whole interview was ten minutes. I spent two of those minutes talking about Catalina Island. Don’t ask. 
When it was all over, my only response was to panic eat Oreos in bed and fall asleep with a few crumbs on my cheeks. No shame. And now, we wait for the powers that be to drop the hammer and e-mail me back. I’ll keep ya posted. 

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