Homework was not a top priority this weekend. As a matter of fact, the idea of homework was quite offensive. Spending such wonderfully chilly days holed up in my room focusing on anything other than the prospect of future food adventures and napping just seemed so wrong. 

On Thursday, we went on a failed Dairy Queen exploration. Ok, what happened to all of the DQ’s everywhere? You spend years driving past Dairy Queen’s every day and never utilizing them and then the day comes when all you ever want in the world is a Oreo shake and you realize you’ve missed your chance. For shame. 

Let’s skip Friday. I was sick. 
Ok. Saturday. The farmer’s market, which is closed in the winter, re-opened this week. I just really love the Forsyth Farmer’s Market. If you ever are in Savannah, I would say that it’s a must go. It’s not the largest, as a matter of fact, it barely has 15 vendors, but if you go on the early side of the morning when the sun is warming up the tree branches and park is still quiet, there is nothing more wonderful than picking out the most beautiful butter lettuce or sampling fresh baked French bread to kick off a Saturday. 
For dinner, I got to spend the evening with a large majority of all of my favorite people in the world at Lindsay and Kara’s way too cool for school apartment. Lindsay’s mom is visiting Savannah and spoiled all of us with a delicious home-cooked meal. We all spent hours sitting on the floor, sipping on wine and eating delicious cheese, talking about life and school and affirming each other. It was such an uplifting evening that made me realize what cool, smart, talented, beautiful and kind friends I have. And Mrs. Giambattista made me realize how much I miss my own mom and her support and genuine excitement for my and my friend’s dreams and lives. It’s simple. Mom’s are just the best. This night was such a blessing. 
Spencer and Oli in the elevator leaving Lindsay’s apartment. They are just so cool. I think they are just so cool. 
Wait. Guys. This is really cool. After spending three years at an art school, you acquire a lot of art supplies. Specifically paper. Pads on pads on pads on pads of paper that is way overpriced and annoyingly hard to store and easily forgettable. And even though as a fashion student you never use said paper, it’s heartbreaking to throw such (overpriced) pads of paper away (in spite of it’s annoyingly hard to store qualities). And so it sits in the corner of your room. And you look at it every day and try and think of a creative way to keep that gross pile of paper, but hide that gross pile of paper so you don’t have to stare at such a gross pile of paper. But you’ll never be able to think of anything. And right when you have reached your whits end and you are about to throw it all away, something funny sort of strikes you and you decide that you want to do some sort of art project involving using the gross paper. 
Like yesterday. 
(Hold on. I’ll get to the point soon. I swear.)
Inspired by Saturday night’s dinner party, I wanted to play around with my ink and nubs. And when I opened this pad of paper that I swear I have not even looked at since freshman year, I saw this little note in the corner that I apparently wrote to myself sometime over 2 years ago. Like a time capsule! (I live for stuff like this. I hide a lot of stuff just to find it later. Sort of like a crazy hoarder. No. A lot like a crazy hoarder.) Anyway, I was so excited/sort of weirded out when I saw this because of how applicable it was. Like always, life is a little up in the air right now and there are some decisions that will have to be made in the next few months that are going to be hard. And I’ve already been working on the idea of trusting in God in regards to my future and letting go of expectations that I have put on myself or I think that people have put on me, but this note was just a little affirmation of that in perfect timing. He works in mysterious ways, doesn’t He?

Anyway, I really did try to do homework a bunch of times. I really did. But I ended up having fun instead. 
What did you do this weekend?

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