What I’d Rather be Doing

I’m sitting in an endless session of History of Fashion. We’ve been talking about kirtles and soft soled shoes for far too long.

I’m feeling whiny and all I can think about are the thing I’d rather be doing.

In case it isn’t obvious by the title of this post, you should know that I’m about to tell you what exactly I’d “rather be doing.”

I want to make sourdough starter. Have you ever done that before? I never have and it’s all I’ve been thinking about since my attempt during Christmas break. Can you imagine the delight? Fresh sourdough bread. Warm out of the oven. I can already hear myself squealing in delight. And then taking a carb indulgence induced nap for weeks.

I want to take pictures of my everyday life like Anna Gawlak. But, in fact, I’d actually like her to take pictures of my life. Looking through her website fools me into thinking that such beautiful photography is effortless. It is not. I have tried. Her photos have such a calming quality of quietness. In my head, I’m thinking about her pictures in comparison to the handful of iPhone pictures I’ve taken recently and it is painful what an obnoxious, bright pink, ham I can be in contrast to her steady breathed cadence.

Also, Risotto. Risotto. Risotto. I love risotto. Let’s make/eat/make/eat/make/eat it every single day.

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