Bring it.

“Say yes and you’ll figure it out later.”
-Tina Fey

Frances and I set out for Foxy Loxy this morning to achieve one goal: to start and finish writing our cover letters.
I got a latte. Frances got a latte. We found a table. We opened our laptops and 3… 2… 1… Go. 
Two hours later, we proof read each other’s first attempts and after a few brush-ups, we hit save and smiled at each other. Our cover letters complete. 
First with the Anthropologie interview earlier this week and then the completion of my cover letter (a major obstacle thus far in my application process) I have made the pleasant and welcomed realization that this year’s internship search, although still a bit daunting, is not last year’s internship search. The steps towards this summer have already proved so much less overwhelming, so much less intimidating and so much more doable. The circumstances are different. I am different. 
Last summer, when I was in the thick of it, I kept on telling myself that one day I would reap the rewards of such a challenging time. There had been little moments, like times where I could talk confidently about the restaurants in the East Village, or moments when I would be recognized in class for having an experience like the one I did, but nothing yet that I could identify as “worth it.”And then today, just like that, in my lap, somewhere between a belated Christmas gift and an early, secret admirer of Valentine’s day, here it is, the golden booyah moment of this last summer: A feeling that no matter what internships I do or don’t get, I can handle this summer. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I’m even sort of smirking as I type those words in a knowing way. I feel that this upcoming summer is like I’m facing an opponent who doesn’t quite realize my new found strength, like a Chipotle burrito in front of me that doesn’t quite comprehend it’s impending fate. I can handle it. 

3 thoughts on “Bring it.

  1. Yeah you can!!! You're a rockstar and I can't wait to see where all this fashion bisnatch takes you. I'm sure having that peace feels amazing and you deserve it! Love you!

  2. Love the Chipotle analogy … hmmm, sounds delish …. way to go, Babe!!! What city do I get to visit this summer? xoxo

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