Post Nap Confusion

Just woke up from a dream where in which someone broke into my house and hot glued red pants to my body. At first I hated it and cried everyday, but in spite of my objections and extreme aversion to the idea, people started to love me in the red jeans and I even became famous for it. Years went by and through many different trials and tribulations, I began to like myself in the red jeans too. Finally, one day, I looked at myself in the mirror and said out loud “Hey, these jeans aren’t so bad!” And when I did, they burst into flames and fell off my body. And the dream was over.

2 thoughts on “Post Nap Confusion

  1. Kaits is the psych person, but my take on it is that once we learn to accept ourselves as who we are, as we are, we are in a better place and open to all kinds of new things. Love you!
    ~Aunt Sue

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