I know, I know. Bad blogger. I get it. 
Let’s just forget one second about how mad you are me for taking so long to post again while you peruse some pictures from the last few weeks of the Winter quarter. And hopefully, by the end, we will have completely forgotten about this whole non-blogging-blogger behavior, huh? 
Look at these cats on the first day of school. Pretty sharp, huh? 
Spencer Malinski kitchen dance party. Beyond typical.

 Whoever said that girls with glasses get more passes… WAS RIIIIGHHHTT!!!! BOOYAH. 

Frances and my very first trip to a REAL LIFE BAR. Abe’s, to be more specific. Salt of the earth, I tell ya. Frances wore a bow in her hair. Claire ordered potato vodka. I was almost forced to take a shot. (Almost). We got stared at.  The locals hated us. It was wonderful. 

This weekend was just simply oodles of fun. Hey, Bushka Lifers– remember my senior collection from high school? Well, as much as I LOVE the shots of all my friends modeling the clothes in high school, they needed a little updating. The amazing Kara Reichart re-shot all of the looks in our backyard and Frances got her twerk on as my beautiful modela. (PS- remember that one time last quarter when Kara was amazing?)
You can see more pics of the shoot right…. here… on my website, which, by the way, is chock full of new goodies if you wanna click around and check it out. 

And then as if Friday’s photoshoot wasn’t enough fun, Saturday gave it a run for it’s money. Dearest Lindsay Giambattista came over and filled our home with the sweet, sweet smells of homemade, family recipe style marinara sauce. And meatballs. Homemade ones. Oh, baby. This girl is Italian, alright. 
Oh. And then we made homemade spaghetti. And eggplant parmesan. And watched the Godfather. Viva Italia, bebe! 

Ok, wait a second. Is Savannah pretty or what? 

This little lug nut was giving me good luck hugs this morning before I was headed to class and then to a  very important… interview! …for an internship! …with Anthropologie! …that went really well! Oh. Weird. Did I forget to mention that? Hmmm… must’ve slipped my mind! Or maybe I’ve been working on my portfolio 28 hours a day for the last week keeping me from doing anything but formatting pictures and InDesign pages. 
Anywhoooo, I don’t know what’s going to happen with that little Anthro situation, but I felt like the interview went really well and the rest is out of my control. But I promise I’ll do better at keeping you all posted on such matters. 
And in closing, let’s just all agree, once and for all, that Spencer Malinski has mad talent. And that these backpacks are the world’s coolest. Ok. Good. Now that that’s settled… 

What bunch of awesome days all in a row, ya know? This quarter: so far, so good. In a big way.

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