Winter Quarter

And so it begins. Another year another quarter. Another day another dollar. Let’s kick things off this year with a little History of Fashion in the A.M. and some Computer Aided Design tonight.

Let’s face this head on, shall we? I’m nervous about this quarter. I am hoping hoping hoping that that seven week break I’m coming fresh out of was enough to re-charge morale and the spirit of learning in me, but I can only be sure about that after a few weeks of testing the waters.

The work load of the next 10 weeks is currently a mystery. And I hate mystery. Am I going to be pulling all nighters and living on bowls of rice because the mere thought of standing up and cooking exhausts me? Or will I be basking in the beauty of an open schedule and throwing out blasphemous sentences like “I’m bored” or something as ludicrous as “I wish I had homework”? I don’t know. This remains to be seen. And I hate that.

But Savannah is beautiful this morning. And I’m eating an hot egg with toast for breakfast. And my friends are here.

One thought on “Winter Quarter

  1. I hope your first day back was fan-tab-ulous! Here's to a succesful and adventurious semester…..ready….set….go…..
    Love you,
    ~Aunt Sue (or Snooze as T & T call me!)

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