2012: Le Photos

I meant to blog these a few days ago. It didn’t happen. Now we’re sooo far into 2013 (I mean, it’s basically over by now) and I’m going to take it back to 2012– just for this post– to highlight some of my favorite moments all communicated through Instagram. I’m not even going to attempt to explain all these. We really would be here until 2014. It’s scary how much each of these pictures means to me.But now that I think about it, in order to promote some healthy reader participation, I would be willing to answer any questions you may have about one specific picture. I mean… like… only if you want to. It’s, like, totally your call. I don’t really care what you do. Just kidding. You know that’s not true. I care a lot. Too much. Ok, please? Please comment? You know how much it means to me. Don’t make me beg. Let’s chat. Go. Look. Ask. Enjoy. (PS- I am so embarrassed about the formatting issues. Guys. I can’t figure out what is going wrong here. Something is weird. Whatever. I don’t want to talk about.) 

One thought on “2012: Le Photos

  1. you wanna know what's really scary here?

    that i know what is going on in basically every picture because i stalk your instagram like nobodies business.

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