Let’s talk resolutions. You got any? Lose weight? Save your pennies? Get over a fear? Well, I’ve got some. I doubt you’re very surprised. I’m kind of a fan of making goals. Now that I think about it… are goals the same as resolutions? I feel like there is a difference. I guess my resolutions are more goal-ish than resolution-y. 
On the menu for 2013: 
  • Learn a language or two. I think I might start with German. 
  • Get an internship that I’m proud of. 
  • Become involved in a college church group.
  • Write more letters. I’m talking real, honest to goodness, snail mail, baby. 
  • Do more yoga. Lululemon donations welcome. 
  • Reduce. Gluten. Intake.
  • Reduce. Sarcasm. Output. 
  • Go on a date. A real one. Any secret admirers, it’s time for you to come out of hiding, got it? 
  • Go to bed earlier. Wake up earlier.
  • Bake more bread. Disregard previous gluten free statement. I’m over it. 
  • Take more risks.
  • Take more walks.
  • Perfect my website.
  • Be kinder. 
Ok. I think that’s it. Let’s see what I can pull off this year, yeah? What are you working on?

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