My Favorite Things about 2012

In no particular order.

Winter in Savannah
My first Saturday morning alone in New York City
Cooking for my roommates
Roast Chicken
Blueberry Muffins
Walking home alone in the rain that one afternoon this summer
Easter with my friends
Rollerskates in our house (watching and not participating)
Spring Break
Downton Abbey
When my hair was red (before things went awry)
The time I ate sweet potatoes and watched Amelie with my friends
The construction workers at NYU
The sample sale
Saturday mornings at the Savannah Farmer’s Market
Various young adult fan fiction book series
Nonfiction Writing Class
Urban Ethnography
Dinner at The River Club
Jewish Food Festival
Trips 1 and 2 to Atlanta
Foxy Loxy Decaf Mocha
Red Dress photoshoot
Watching Kaitlin graduate on my computer
The dog on the red leash
When Kaitlin and my mom came to New York
When the Page’s came to New York
When Lindsay came to New York
When Aunt Beth came to New York
When Kaitlin and my mom and my dad came to Savannah
My birthday

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