Merry (Belated) Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all! I know it’s late and you might be reading this on the not very Christmasy 26th of December, but I just wanted to make a quick post under the wire before the day is done.
What did you do to celebrate?
My entire family on my dad’s side came over and my mom made an amazing meal of Beef Wellington, cheesy potatoes, broccoli with blue cheese, and Root Vegetables (a big hit). I was in charge of dessert (major pressure) and I made a very messy and dramatic mixed berry pie with homemade crust and then some wonderfully rich chocolate soufflés. I know, I know. . . two desserts. . . a little excessive, but I couldn’t resist. I am still so puffy and full of holiday seasoned gluttony.
During dinner, Dad read a few Bible verses to remind us the real reason of Christmas and no matter how many times I hear those verses, they always make me tear up.
To ward off any early evening boredom, Kaitlin and my mom decided that everyone in the family was required to bring their best (or corniest) Christmas joke to tell. Mine was “Why does Santa have three garden’s? . . . So he can ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!'” (See? Corny.) Kaitlin won with the joke “What is the difference between a male snowman and a female snowman? . . . Snowballs!” It was a hit. We also played a new game called “Left, Right, Center” which was absolutely the best. Both the joke and the game had prizes on the line– a sure fire way to get full participation with this crowd.
It was, most certainly, a wonderful Christmas. I hope yours was truly wonderful as well.
PS- Before the holiday season is over (NO!) how great are these pictures of Jimmy Stewart throwing snowballs between takes of filming It’s a Wonderful Life? Gosh, I love that movie.

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