Las Vegas

This weekend, my family and I all piled into the car and headed out to Las Vegas, baby!

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to go on vacation just the four of us (besides Staycation, of course) and this weekend reminded me why all, repeat: ALL of my favorite memories of growing up are from vacations like these.

We walked around the strip, visited the Neon Museum and ate overly expensive Gelato. (Eating gelato at $5 a scoop is still better than no gelato at all though, I’d have to say 😉

My parents (semi)surprised Kaitlin and I with tickets to see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw at the Venetian and the concert was SO SO SO GOOD. Go ahead and give me all the crap you want about liking country music and say what you will about the sappy lyrics and twangy tunes, but this. concert. rocked. The whole venue only seats 1,800 people and so every seat in the house was still relatively close to the stage in comparison to the 50-60,000 seat arenas they usually play. And then the venue felt even smaller when Tim and Faith walked through the crowd just three rows away from us! I can confirm that yes, Faith Hill is just as beautiful in person and yes, Tim McGraw is just as hot. Oy vei.

Kaitlin and I each left our phones (aka: cameras) in the hotel room and I was kicking myself when they walked by and a major Kodak moment was slipping through my finger tips, but when I noticed the lady in front of me taking a ton of pictures, I waited until the end of the concert and then very nicely asked her to send one to me. Now, I can look at the picture whenever I want and reminisce about the time Tim Mcgraw winked at me. (I mean, some people may call closing both eyes at the same time a “blink”, and no, maybe he wasn’t, like, totally looking just at me directly, but I knew what he was trying to communicate. We had a moment.)

We came back to Newport early on Sunday, but it was truly wonderful to have such concentrated family time.  I am so blessed to have such a great family. Seriously weird, but seriously great.

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