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Enough of this Christmas Break squirreling around business. I’ve slept in and stayed up late enough times now that I feel rested and ready to head back into the thick of real life. I’ve talked things out. And I’ve lost some sleep. I’ve given big, real life, 10 second hugs to people that I’ve really missed and things are still definitely a little cloudy for me, but I put on actual clothes today, some lip gloss and a real bra. This is for real. 
I’m taking my first plunge back into productiveness today by starting to think about what this summer is going to look like. I know. This summer. It’s rearing it’s ugly, hot temperatured head. Already. And again. Ugh. 
The name of the game: Internship. 
Me and my computer are sitting at Alta, somewhere that even though I can’t give a big, real life, 10 second hug to, is a place that I have really missed. I’ve got my crazy, crazy three page, single spaced list of companies that are on my radar. I’ve got my decaf vanilla latte and the search has begun. I kind of want to run away. Or justify the idea of taking this summer off and just “enjoying life” (which is the nice way of saying “being a total leach and wasting a bunch of time out of fear”), but one by one, I’ll send out my application to companies beggginnnggg for them to love me!! Pretty, pretty please! I know you’ll love me! Daunting. 
Here we go. 
PS- halfway through writing this, a coffee date started at the table behind me. She really likes him. He sort of seems creepy. And he has a lisp. Which, funny enough, isn’t what makes him creepy. 

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