This Christmas, my list is small. But, it is strategic and thorough. I think I’ve reached the stage in my life where I am finally starting to understand the genius behind the old saying “Less is more.” And the beauty of it all is that each of you are totally more than welcome to buy any of the items for me. Seriously! It won’t make me mad, like, at all! 
Ok. So, let’s get down to business:

Typewriter. We’ve talked about this before. This gift has  total tear potential. That’s right. Tears of iconic Christmas for the books proportions. But, it has got to be right. Cool looking and in working condition. Consider this one, perhaps? 

Kinfolk Magazine Subscription. Call me an annoying hipster if you’d like, but I love, love, love, this magazine. Besides the fact that it would be my dream to work for them in absolutely ANY capacity or to be even the most annoying of flies on the wall for one of their legendary dinner parties, for now I’ll  settle for just soaking up the pages of what represents the exciting new generation of print publications. (here)
Moroccan Oil. This stuff is like crack cocaine for my hair. No matter what color is on my head or what the cut may look like, Moroccan Oil never let’s me down. And it smells like I’m on vacation. (here)
Yoga Passes. I. Love. Yoga. For some reason that I do not know, I easily forget just how much I love it. Actually- I do know the reason: I’m poor and I can’t afford it! But then, when I save my pennies and find myself at the end of a class in Child’s Pose and Shavasana, I realize how happy a good sweaty yoga mat can make me. (here)
Denim Vest. Spencer Malinski pulls off a denim vest like nobodies business. Sometimes I borrow it and pretend like I’m as cool as her. And although I know that I’ll never quite make it to her level, I’m going to make a real fighting effort with this one from Madewell. (here)
These flats. (mostly because they’re named after yours truly) (here)
These pants. Because… they are like… sweats… that you can wear in real life. I mean… what else is there to discuss? (here)
What’s on your list this year? 

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