Give Thanks

So, I know I’m a little late in the game and most of you won’t read this until tomorrow (Friday) and the idea of giving thanks will be soooo over for the next 364 days, but from where I’m sitting, there are still 30 minutes of Thanksgiving left and I am going to celebrate until it is officially done. 
With that being said, homegirl is pretty pooped, so I’m going to make this quick. 
This is what we will call the “Thanksgiving Short List” because goodness knows I could be typing up a list about good things in my life until next year, so let’s just hit the VIP’s: 
(in no particular order)
  • Bird watching
  • People watching
  • People smiles
  • Baby smiles
  • My Home(s)
  • Foxy Loxy Decaf Mocha
  • My Family
  • Getting to have really really great and encouraging conversations with my family
  • My grandpa’s stories
  • Gigi’s laugh
  • The most genuinely kind heart in the entire world of Grandma Bunny
  • My legs, for walking and otherwise
  • Napping
  • The ever-fulfilling need/ability to create
  • My friends… all of them… but especially the really really good ones. The kind that fill me up. 
  • My dad’s compliments
  • My mom’s hugs
  • My sister’s patience
  • Adventure
  • GOD (please re-note the fact that I said that these were in no real order because goodness knows this guy should shoot straight up to the top of the list)
  • Cold weather (Ok- more like my kind of cold weather. I’m talking 40s and 50s. Before I start to really complain)
  • Chocolate souffle. Namely the one that is still hanging out in my belly (and will soon make a swift transition to my love handles) from earlier this evening. Damn. I am thankful for you.
  • A good movie
  • Quiet
  • And then loud
  • Struggle
  • Struggle
  • Struggle
  • Triumph
  • Household appliances. Seriously. Unsung heroes. 
  • Music
  • A perfectly spicy yellow curry
  • Vintage dresses with princess seams
  • The fact that life is just barely beginning
  • When the ocean is sparkly
And with that, I think I’m gonna call it. Where can you go after a sparkly ocean, you know? It’s a tough one to follow. I hope all of you are fast asleep in your tryptophane comas, dreaming of Christmas lights and Holiday cookies. 
‘Tis officially the season, my friends! 

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