Slow Roll

People, people, people…

Here I am: Day three of Winter Break.

I suck at blogging lately. For that, I am eternally sorry.

I feel off my groove. Or off my jam. Or I’m out of jam. And the milk is old. You know what I mean?

But, I have heard from my people (Mom, Grandma Bunny and Dionna) and the people have said that blogging while off said rocker or groove or jam or whatever is far better than no blogging at all.

I’ve only been home for a few days, but I’m already seeing some of my favorite consistencies of my long lost Southern California come out of the woodwork and I couldn’t be more jazzed about it.

Average Temperature: 68.
Food: So far ALL Mexican.
Sleep: Whenever, wherever.
Homework: Nonexistent

And on top of all that, I’ve clocked 1 gelato run, 2 sleepovers, 1 breakfast cupcake, a trip to the movies and like 8,000 other little things that make me the happiest clam in the entire ocean.

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