Quarter Full

La la la laaaa it’s the last day of the quarter and I do believe that it’s worth singing abooouutt!!!

How can you not wake up with a smile on your face and a song in your heart when you know that in about 7 hours this will all be done? Done with critiques and done with fabric swatches and done with all of the 20th century’s artistic history (specifically the boy in the first row of 20th century art history who seems to think he is the world’s funniest person and wants you to think that as well) and done with micron pens and marker paper and ink quills and ink spills! I don’t think it is possible, no matter how little sleep you are running on, to be grumpy this morning. And even though it is POURING (with a capital P) rain here this today, the sun still shines in our little SCAD-tastic hearts!

Oh yes, I am in that good of a mood.

I find myself currently packing and singing and singing and packing and drinking a victory tea (with a extra scoop of sugar) and wearing a bright red sweater. Stevie Wonder understands my joy.

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