Unnecessary Yawns

I finished the work on my last final last night at 9:30. 
I didn’t go to bed until 3:00. 
I woke up at 4:30. 
Something just doesn’t seem to add up here. 
A few weeks ago, when with furrowed brow and a large, blank, desk calendar keeping me company at dinner, I was looking down the ramp to the end of the quarter and starting to map out my plan of attack on finals. I was simply giddy to realize that the last few weeks of the year would not be too too intense. One may even dare to describe them as… easy (a word that I would hesitate to say out loud even in a whisper as not to jinx it). But in spite of my suspicions, it proved to be true that this quarters finals were a cinch. My brushes and papers were all packed up relatively early last night (hypothetically speaking, of course– my desk is obviously really still a mess).
So it was much to my chagrin when I laid my head down at around 11:00, preparing for a celebratory full night of sleep, and found that I could not fall asleep until well after 2:00. The room was too quiet and too nice. It felt like there was something that I was missing. Which, of course, after a thorough quadruple check of the to-do list proved to be untrue. But finally, after counting futures (a fun game that I like to play instead of counting sheep– why not end the night with a panic attack about the future, I always say) my eyelids finally surrendered. But it didn’t last. When 4:30 rolled around, and I found myself wide awake once again, I threw chagrin out the window and employed anger. The room was a different type of quiet, but a sort no less frustrating. I thought that I might get up and make some homemade jam or maybe what’s better than starting the morning off with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies? But I didn’t have the supplies. So I sat in bed and stewed. Growing more and more tired, but still immune to actual sleep. And when I was laying there, I realized for the first time that I might miss this bed when I go home next week. And then I fell asleep. 
I guess this was just SCAD’s way of keeping the playing field even for all students whether you have a lot of work or not and the policy remains that during week 10, you will not sleep. No matter what. 

One thought on “Unnecessary Yawns

  1. Delightfully written – fun to read!

    Sorry about the insomnia… we should have called each other!

    WOO WOO about finish quarter #7… and without a mountain of stress to the last minute!!

    ONE WEEK — can't wait!!


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