America, I love you.

Welp. It’s all over. And  unfortunately, it did not swing my way (or, I would argue, that it didn’t swing our way… but that’s a whole other blog post). So, I’m bummed to say the least.
Last night was suspenseful and emotional and frustrating and then, all of a sudden, the word Ohio flashed up on the screen and then last night was over.
I’m struggling to find the words to describe the disappointment, fear, and anger that I’m feeling without it turning this post into a huge rant, and so I’m just going to write what I keep reminding myself of in my head:
God was not surprised by the outcome of this election. 
He is in control of our country, just as he has been since the day it was created.
Instead of casting negativity, I feel that as an American, it is my duty to be respectful of our President and I’m going to do my best to be supportive of the fact that this is the man that my fellow citizens have chosen to lead our country. …Lots and lots of prayers. 
I mean… besides completely tearing apart our country financially and making an even greater mess of the one we already had, he didn’t really follow through on many of his promises for the first four years, so with any luck he may be as worthless for the next four, yeah? (Sorry, sorry– it just slipped out. Supportive. Right. Yes.)

I warned Frances and Claire the other day that I might be a in a little bit down in the dumps for the next few days (read: uncontrollable sobs — I may be sometimes a little overdramatic…). 
As predicted, this morning I was being a little sad sack and so Frances pulled me out from under the wreckage and took me to get pancakes for breakfast. When we got to the restaurant, we sat down by a group of Army men and although Frances wouldn’t allow me to ask to take a picture with them, it did make me realize that I am still so lucky and blessed to live in this country. And I can still eat pancakes with my friend. And butter is still delicious and legal (for now). And that’s that. 

3 thoughts on “America, I love you.

  1. No matter your take on the economic situation, you can't be denied your individual rights-the right to choose, equal opportunity/equal pay in the work force, etc. Binders full of women no longer!

    Remind yourself that Obama won the popular vote AND the electoral vote, so people still believe in his vision!

  2. Anonymous… please let us know your name… keeps the blog personal and sometimes more kind. And just a thought…when a catholic hospital is forced to do abortions which is against their centuries old beliefs, do they really still have a right to choose? Free choice needs to be for everyone… would love to discuss that and more… I urge you to read Dennis Prager's Still the Best Hope.

    Jujie — 57 million people still believe in the America that we love… so be sad for a day, then wake up encouraged that we live in such a great country where, though changing still gives individual rights and continue to speak up and educate and pray and discuss and who knows what will happen in 4 years! Love you and proud of you … CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!! xoxo

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