Caribou Coffee


Even when we are on vacation, we work. Because we are some pretty serious gals. Homework, homework, homework. It’s all we do. …But, maybe with a little people watching mixed in. Like, for example, watching the man in the sport coat and peach shirt pick his nose and then try and hide it. Or the elderly man who keeps falling asleep while reading the Davinci Code. Or “friends” who are just “grabbing coffee” while each of them are really wondering if it’s a date or not. It’s definitely a date. She likes him. She wore eyeshadow.

But I’m doing homework.

I promise.

PS- Yes. My hair is still yellow/sunset/weird. I’m on it, ok?

One thought on “Caribou Coffee

  1. If I can be really girly for a second, I am really digging the groomed eyebrows/subtle cat eye/subtle lipstick thing you have going on. Work it.

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