Hi. How are you? I hope your answer is that you are doing very very very well. I hope I hope I hope!

Can you believe that it’s November? I can’t either. This is finally the part of the year that I can really really rock the sweaters and scarves instead of just forcing them when the temperatures dip from 85 to 76. (That’s sort of a widely regarded Savannah trait… “Ooohhhh!!!! 76!!! Fall is here!!!”)

No, but really. It’s fall. It’s 51 degrees out. And there are stale leaves to be crunched with the bootsies that are on my feetsies. And as celebrated as this weeks weather reports were, we are experiencing some technical difficulties with our heat… making… machines….? (What is that called?! Blanking.) We have set the darn thing at well above 75 degrees (to test out whether or not its working), but it doesn’t do anything because the temperature in our house has been at a consistent 58. Cozy!

I hate it. I already am a big baby in the winter time, but this is just a whole new level of ridiculous. It needs to be fixed. It has to be fixed. It will be fixed. LANDLORDS, CALL US BACK! (And oh yeah– my heat/ AC is still busted in my car. There is no relief!)

In the meantime, I’m spending extra time at coffee shops and or any structure that is warmer inside than outside and then this weekend, we are escaping to Charlotte! Yay! I really love it there. Especially with the trees being the way they are right now. Viva Charlotta!

Oooh… Halooween! I almost forgot to mention it. All day I kept forgetting that it was even happening. Halloween on a Wednesday? Confusing. I’m a very hesitant Halloweener (Yeah), but I went for it last weekend with my ladies at a birthday / Halloween party with some friends. But I just couldn’t muster up the want-to again last night, so we passed out candy to all the adorable kids in our neighborhood. THE. Cutest. Oh my. My favorites were 1. a little black girl who was dressed as Whitney Houston (so on point) and 2. a boy who was a ghost, old school style — white sheet and two cut holes for eyes. Can’t beat the classics. Unfortunately, we had more visitors than we were expecting and ran out of candy pretty early. So, we turned off all of the lights and closed the blinds so that we didn’t waste their precious time (and also so we didn’t have to show them our ashamed faces to tell them that we had failed them), but every once and while, we’d get a knock on the door and a very eager “Trick or Treat!” and we had to cower in the kitchen like little babies. We’re sorry, Children of Baldwin Park! We are the worst!!!


I think that’s it.

But I just really like you guys.

And thanks for reading this. It really means a lot to me. Whatever this blog is or whatever I want it be or whatever it turns into, you guys always take 5 minutes (or, let’s be honest… closer to 15… homegirl can ramble) of your day to be a participant in this blog.



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