Devil with the Red Dress

Last Sunday, I was very lucky to have the very talented Kara Reichart finally photograph a dress that I made way back in Spring quarter last year. And, no surprise, she killed it.

This dress and I have had a long and rocky relationship (three words: wrong fabric choice) and so it was awesome to finally see it on a body (a rockin’ Baille Younkman body, to be specific) and finding it’s place with the proper shoot location and lighting.

I gotta say– with all of the uncertainty that I keep letting myself dwell on, it’s nice to be reminded of the fun parts of making clothes: actually seeing them on people! Novel thought.

Anyway, look at the pictures. And then look at them again. And then, if you’re like me, again and again and again and again.

Big ups go to Kara and Baille, obviously, but also to head photo assistant, Spencer Malinski, last minute recruit, male model, Mitchell Rowland (Baille’s main man) and the residents of Ardsley Park for not calling the cops on us for “tresspassing” the “abandoned” women and children shelter that we “borrowed” for a couple of hours.

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