Have you heard the word?

SO so so so excited to share with you guys the official launch of one of my very bestest friends, the one and only Spencer Malinski’s, new line of hand-made leather goods. This girl has got talent, you guys. Besides the fact that one of the bags is named after me (so, you know it’s gotta be good) I personally have “The Frances Clutch” and I am totally, 100%, enamored with it. 
They’re made well. They look great. And they are so original and interesting that whenever I’m out and about and I have “The Frances” with me, I get stopped and asked where in the world I found such an awesome piece of art. Every. Time. Without fail. Seriously. Everyone freaking loves these bags. 
YOU ALL need to head over RIGHT NOW to www.spencermalinski.com AND www.etsy.com (search Spencer Malinski) and buy em all up before the S.S. Cool People Boat just ships off without you. 
PS- the awesome pics on both the website and the etsy shop are by the equally wonderful and talented Olivia Latinovich. Do I live with the coolest people, or what? 

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