Identity Crisis

Changes. Ch-ch-ch-changeeessss….
I’ve been humming that for the last hour and a half as I putted around with my blog settings. 
I hated HATED the last blog header so so so much. I’m not quite sure what came over me when I was making it this summer, but I do know that whatever it was, it was all full of terrible terrible terrible things. And so in my free time while avoiding homework for the last handful of weeks, I’d been toying around with new ideas for the header (and a new blog design in general), but it has been so so so difficult to nail down a style that I want to represent Bushka. I talk about pretty much anything and everything on here so it can’t be genre specific (like food, fashion, etc.) and it has to look and feel like me (which, let’s be honest, changes quite a lot) so, I never really could quite decide on anything I really loved. Eventually, I decided to wait to change it until I could just hit it out of the park with something that was exactly what I wanted. 
But today, my disdain for the disgusting western/ russian/ blue/ black/ ugly header from a few hours ago finally came to blows and I decided that enough was enough. I just couldn’t wait anymore. It was literally making me hate my blog. Which is just something that I really don’t like the idea of. 
I’m not totally sure if this is where the header is going to settle for forever, but I like it for now! What do you think?
PS- if there are any web/graphic design students out there who are reading this and want to help a sister out, I would be so so so forever grateful if I could just pick your brain for a few hours. In return, I’ll answer any pressing sewing questions that you may have! Or food! I’ll bake you anything! 

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