Virginia Wedding

I am leaving right after class today to get on a plane and take a little trip up north for the weekend to see an old friend of mine, Walker, get married! How exciting is that!? 
It’s crazy to think that I’m at that stage of life when friends and peers of mine are getting hitched, but even more exciting is that this gives me the wonderful excuse of getting to buy wedding appropriate dresses that I never have reasons to buy otherwise.
A few weeks ago, when I was home, I got to see Walker in all of her bridal glory decked out in her wedding dress and let me tell you- so beautiful! I can’t wait to see all of the details that she told me about come together on the big day.
And– Bonus! I get to see my mom, dad and sister who are also coming to the wedding! Isn’t that great?
Virginia, I’m comin for ya!

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