Fashion Illustration

Besides the all nighters and the ink covered hands that I have made a nasty habit of complaining about, I have to admit that I am absolutely loving my Advanced Fashion Illustration class. I am not an illustrator by nature and I am terribly uncomfortable with the idea of drawing in general (I think it’s because I lack the patience), but for some reason, I am really responding to it this quarter. 
One of the best parts about the class is the research that goes along with each project and the illustrators that I had no idea about that I am now very excited about. I took a similar class last quarter that taught us the more basic and technical skills of fashion illustration– extremely helpful, but sometimes monotonous and uninspiring. This quarter, my professor is encouraging us to explore our own styles, and mess an up and…wait for it… have fun! Crazy! 
Until SCAD, I always grouped all illustration in the same basket of anime and comic books, but there is this great, big, wonderful world of beautiful and interesting illustrations that make me want to buy a print and hang them in my house. 
Vogue just had these vintage illustrations on their website and it just brightened my day. Aren’t they beautiful? 

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