Accomplishments of a 21st Birthday:

Got Susie to eat at Chik Fil A.
Hugged a lot of people who mean a lot to me.
Released myself from the clutches of thinking even for one minute about homework.
Bought a whole entire brand new (to me) skirt at Goodwill for $3.75.
Changed my outfit 5 separate times.
Went to a liquor store, showed the good man my ID, and passed with flying colors.
Got my record player working in proper condition.
Successfully satisfied my party guests with the huge expectations of what I promised would be “the greatest party favor OF YOUR LIFE. I REPEAT: OF YOUR LIFE.”
Took a shot and didn’t spit it out everywhere.
Didn’t get drunk. (Contrary to popular belief, this is not 21st birthday failure. No, my good sir. This is in fact an accomplishment.)
Responded to every “Happy Birthday Julia!” post on my Facebook wall because I’m just a total nerd like that.

Don’t even have a hangover.
What up, world? I’m 21 now. And nothing has changed.
(More pictures to come later)

2 thoughts on “Accomplishments of a 21st Birthday:

  1. This makes me smile so much! I feel the same way about 21st birthdays. Everyone is telling me “you have to go the bars and at least get a little drunk!” And I'm like “No I don't! I just want to go line dancing at a place for only 21 and older people so I'm not dealing with immature little 18 year olds that don't know what they're doing!” Yes, I too would consider a non-hangover inducing birthday a success(: So happy it was such a fun day! And those sweatshirts are incredible!

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