It’s My Birthday!

I’m 21. 
Time to throw away all of my morals and get down to this real partying sort of business that I’ve been missing out on for so long. Can’t wait to make up for lost time and get going on the party animal persona I have been suppressing all of my life.  
My personality is about to totally change. I’m going to be super cutting edge. Actually, the process has already begun– today, I saw an old lady crossing the street and I ran up to her and pushed her down on the floor and then ran away yelling Kesha lyrics. Because I am 21. And I can. 
Actually, I’m just kidding. 
This is pretty much like every other birthday where I’m excited for presents and the attention being on me for a whole 24 hours. And dinner tonight with my ladies!!!

2 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Hello Julia,
    While I have never commented on your blog I simply must tell you how much I enjoy it. You are such a gifted writer. Hilarious, thoughtful, articulate, deep……all those wordy words…. thats what you are. Oh and you are 21! Happy Birthday!! Now go be fabulous.

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