Things that I’m thinking about

 …that you most definitely need to know. 
  • Somehow, seeing peaches in Georgia never get’s old. (Case and point: this morning at the Farmer’s Market)
  • I love the “60’s, 70’s, and 80’s” radio station on Pandora, but I hate it when they play Creedance Clearwater Revival. 
  • I am definitely ready for some colder weather up in here. I couldn’t even justify doing a special post about Fall’s debut yesterday because it hadn’t earned it yet. And so, I wait. 
  • Speaking of earning things, I’m more in love with Savannah than ever. It is just simply home for now. 
  • Lately, all I’ve wanted to do is cook. And bake. And cook. And bake. So much, that I’m running out of excuses to make some sort of dessert or sauce or salmon everyday. Will someone please come over here and be my official eater and I can be your official baker? 
  • I am very happy that Rob and Kristen are getting back together. Controversial, I know. I stand by this. 
  • (Also, can we talk about what in the world is going on with Amanda Bynes?)
  • I can’t decide if I’m excited for my upcoming birthday (Monday) (21) or not. But I LOVE birthday’s. Why am being weird? It’s weird. This year is weird. 
  • Confession: I’ve been wearing my Crocs a lot lately. They’re just SOOooo comfortable. …I mean…the fact that I even have Crocs is… well, it says lot. 

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