Cool Chicks

I love everything about this photo of Smith College students making a Victory Garden.

Can college moments like these please last forever?

Can I please garden in oxfords and tweed? 

And can it please be fall already!?

What’s everyone doing today? Come on. Jump in. Take the plunge. Comment! You know you want to!

Photograph by Fred G. Chase. 1943.

10 thoughts on “Cool Chicks

  1. Everyone gets mad at me here for saying I want it to be fall! I just want it so bad! Today I had my morning classes off because it's community building day at Whitworth which means I was supposed to go out and do some type of community service…does attending a cafe with my housemate and eating a cinnamon roll count for that because techniquely I was contributing to small businesses in the area??? After that I watched the CMA festival which I taped last night…can't wait to go in 2 years!!! Now I am at work…not doing what I'm supposed to be doing but reading your blog instead. Then I'm off to class and then off to homework land until bedtime when I will watch 24 and read. Wow…what a day.

    Love you!


  2. I didn't even know you should lint roll shoes… I guess I need to go to fashion school

    work, take fruit to soco, pick up friend's daughter, check daugher's blog, meeting, dinner with friends


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