The First List of the Quarter

This Weekend: 
Take bike to Perry Rubber and get tires filled
Buy white curtain for door
Go to Habersham Antiques and find knick knacks and what nots
Print thumbnails
Make shopping list for Forsyth Market on Saturday
Buy nails
Use the nails to hang the mirror
Drop off pile of gross clothes at Goodwill
Get SCAD ID renewed
Get a parking pass
Fight Politely protest parking tickets
Beg for mercy on the over inflated debts that have accrued on said City Parking tab
Buy inks/water colors/paper/brushes
Eat anything at Back in the Day at some point in the weekend
Take a nap at least once 
Finally try hot yoga

(The items on this list are slowly being crossed off as the weekend progresses. Last updated: 9/27 at 2:16 PM)

2 thoughts on “The First List of the Quarter

  1. You got it girl! Just remember the first week is always the hardest…it just takes time to get back in the swing of things. I spent my first whole week back just getting things I needed and seeing people, but I had the realization last night that I actually have to start doing assignments. Whaaatt?!? School?1? Is that what I'm here for? Huh…hadn't occured to me. Hang in there! You'll feel cool as a cucumber again very soon(:

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