So, yesterday, that whole packing thing… let’s just say, it was more of me getting into the mindset of packing than actually folding clothes and putting them into suitcases. 
In the last couple years of back and forth and  of packing and unpacking and of  suitcases every couple of months, I have learned that there are   packing strategies  that work and there are packing strategies that don’t work. For better or for worse, my motto in this regard has sort of become “Why pack today when you can put if off until tomorrow?” Well, the time has come when there is no tomorrow, so putting it off any longer is simply not an option. What’s super fun is that this year, I have made the packing process even more of a chore due to the fact that I’ve been terribly lazy and haven’t yet unpacked from New York. This has resulted in most (read: all) of my clothes being pulled out of my bags over the last few weeks and now they are living in a large heap on the floor. 
And so it begins. The process of folding the clothes. Then organizing by item. Then grouping by season. Then putting in the suitcase. Then realizing there is too much. Then eliminating. Then feeling guilty that I’m leaving something behind. (Because clothes have feeling too). Then putting the eliminated clothes back in. Then zipping. Then zipping. Then zipping. Then panicking that it’s still not zipping. Then squeezing. Then sweating. Then sitting. Then having an identity crisis and feelings of embarrassment at the amount of clothes that I have that I do not need. Then justifying it because I’m a fashion major.  
Then waiting until tomorrow morning. 
When I then inevitably realize that I forgot to pack my hair blow dryer. And then repeating most of those steps just to squeeze in an annoyingly cumbersome and oddly shaped piece of plastic. 
Bicoastal living. This is hard work. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! I forgot my blow dryer too! Mom has to send it to me which she was not super thrilled about. But, hey, the beauty of forgetting stuff is that you get care packages. Even though it is a forced care package, it still counts! Nothing better than seeing a brown package on your doorstep with your name on it. Love you…fly safe!

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