Eastern Standard Time

I think my body is telling me it’s time to go back to Savannah. This morning, I was wide awake at at 4:30 with nothing to do but listen to the squirrel running around on the roof outside. When do you sleep, Mr. Squirrel?

This was frustrating, but on the plus side, ask me anything about the new 45 Minute Tapout workout program and I’ll give you stories of thousands of viewers, just like you, sitting at home and wondering if they’d ever feel good about themselves again and ultimately having great results!

I can’t really explain in words how much I love infomercials.

One thought on “Eastern Standard Time

  1. Is it sad that sometimes I wish I couldn't sleep well so I could stay up at night and watch infomercials? I love them too! The food ones are always my favorite.

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