California Time Suck

Things that I have been doing for the past two weeks that have kept me from blogging:

Well, we already talked to you about the whole hot dog thing.

And then there was the part when I exclusively hung out with different branches of the family tree for 6 straight days. 

Finding any excuse to drive this handsome, blue heap around town. (Sorry for the empty tank, Dad.)
And there has certainly been plenty of eating going on. 

Then, of course, the Second Annual Patton Family Staycation. This included more family and more food. Two things I clearly can’t get enough of. This picture of our Sunday pancake lunch is the only picture proof. Pretty much sums it up.  
I’ve been listening to this song way too much. 
And then (less embarrassing) this song. 
And a healthy amount of internet surfing which has led me to these gems. 
I still have a crush on Steve Martin. 

I love green. 

My sentiments exactly.

Who wants to build a clubhouse with me this year in Savannah? 
All that peppered with a bunch of friend playdates and a heavy dose of reality TV and you’ve got one happy girl.
But, I think it’s time for this vagabond to head back to the land of lists. Savannah, here I come! 

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