Total Bum Morning

Oh, California. How I love you. The perma-sun, the floral and salt water smells, the completely acceptable uniform of yoga pants and flip flops all. day. long.  I just never knew the wonders of this state until I said goodbye.

But here I am. Back again. Saying hello for a bit and I could not be happier.

Since I’ve been back, my days have been very happily go go go, but this morning I am taking some time to just sit with the windows open and my feet on the coffee table enjoying the air of the last few weeks of summer and the speed of lazy mornings like this that fill my soul to overflowing proportions.

If this summer has convinced me of anything, it is that I am so very blessed– a cliche that is thrown around so easily in such an insanely blessed life such as mine, but something I didn’t truly understand nor take the time to understand until now.

I can get in this nasty habit of looking forward or looking backward and wasting time and wasting life. And without even knowing it was happening (or perhaps being oblivious to the signs that guided me here) I find myself in a outrageously sweet time of life where I appreciative all of these crazy transitions and stages.

Fact: I love California.

Fact: I love Georgia.

Fact: I even loved this crazy stretch of a summer in New York City.


I am happy with it all! There is no comparison with these places because I am happy for my amazing friends and family that have known me for years and that I am getting to spend such precious time with now. I am happy for my crazy awesome roommates/family in Savannah that I can’t wait to reunite with in a few weeks. And I am even happy with the challenges and the aches of both places that I currently call home.

And I’m scared. Holy Toledo, am I scared of what the future holds for me and this creatively driven, but directionally challenged life but I am just so satisfied with what God has going on today. Today. Just today. That’s all I have control of anyway. What a lesson to learn. What a hard lesson to remember.

Now, I’m going to ride my bike down the street and eat a burrito bigger than the size of my face. I mean, that right there is reason enough to love California.

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