Let me explain.

Wait. I’m at work on Friday complaining about how I can’t be at my dad’s party. Then I’m talking about my dad’s party. And there are crazy long wrap up posts being posted about the joys of conflicting emotions. And there is Dallas airport. And ice cream. And there is New York City. And Super Shuttle pick-ups at 4:00 in the morning. WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!

Hold up, Chief. Hold up.

Let me give you the run down.

I was in New York.

This summer.


It was pretty cool.

Hi. This is my blog. My name’s Julia. Welcome.

And some people (mainly my Dad) thought that I wasn’t returning to this fair state until the 25th. JOKE’S ON HIM! I’M HERE! AND THERE’S NO GETTING RID OF ME FOR TWO MORE WEEKS! MWAHAHA.

So, when I was having blogger’s block last week and was silent for a few days, I was actually just forcing myself not to blog because I could not think of anything to write about besides how freaking excited I was to come home.

And when I was supposed to be at work last Thursday and Friday, I was actually packing up my room, going on long, wandering walks and soaking up the last moments of this crazy adventure of a summer in the city.

And when I left a message on my house phone that I had just gotten back from a walk in Central Park and was about to go to lunch with a friend, I was really sitting at my cousin’s house in Costa Mesa trying on my hot dog costume.

So sensibly, the most logical way of revealing that I was actually home and not in across the country for another week was to dress up as a hot dog and surprise him at his own birthday party. The birthday party that I pretended to be sad about missing all those time. Makes sense, right? Yeah. Totally.

So, yes. I am in California for a few more weeks until I get my booty back on over to Savannah for another banner year in the East Coast. But, if you’re here in the Sunshine State too right now, I would absolutely love to see as many of you lovelies as possible! I hate to say it, but I am actually already very busy so text/call me asap because I WANTSTASEEYA!

PS- he’ll deny it, but he totally cried when he saw me.

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