Pie Week: Four and Twenty Blackbirds

The following is an exact transcription from note’s taken live, on site, during pie consumption:

Four and Twenty Blackbirds:

Gowanus, Brooklyn

Heading back to Brooklyn. 
Bringing Jessie with me in case of Emergency.
Drank a lot of water all day in preparation.

After a quick subway ride from Soho, we walk up to an unassuming, street corner, joint. 

Friendly atmosphere.
Maybe a little hipster elitist, but the furniture seems friendly.
Cool antique forks.
Large, sturdy wood tables.
A general feel that matches and compliments the neighborhood in which it lives. 

Really inventive flavors.
I feel like they invented Pie.
I feel like they looked at an apple pie, threw away any recipe or notion of it that they might have had and started to reclaim each component from scratch to construct their perfect pie. 

Black bottom oat
Pecan filling without pecans
Oats on top
Chocolate bottom over the crust
dec.  a.  dent.
Jessie says: Weird after taste.
No way. 
This sucker is built for speed. 
So sweet and delicious.
The pecan-less pecan filling is genius.
And basically pie batter. 
And this, we have found, is truly the way to my heart. 

Salted caramel apple.
I am so loving this “put some salt on it” trend that is happening in the dessert world. 
And just like wearing leggings under dresses, I don’t want it to ever end.
Salt and caramel adds to a pie that is already perfectly crafted.
Not too salty.
Jessie disagrees. 
Too salty, she says.
She must not like leggings.
Thick crust.
Fresh apples. 
Could use a bit more caramel in my opinion. 
I see it, but I don’t taste it.
It’s taunting me. 
Still, I really like this pie. 

The homemade whipped cream.
A little chilled and super thick. 
To die for.
May even give Magnolia a run for it’s money!

Overall Pie Week Grade: A
They do pie. And they do it well. 
I am already thinking of ways to fit in another visit before I leave. 

2 thoughts on “Pie Week: Four and Twenty Blackbirds

  1. Such a cute place! You're killin me with this one. If I knew where I could get it, I'd have pie for breakfast now.

    Did you stop by the cooling station for auld Lang syne? (so funny how the auto correct wrote that…). I guess if you were able to write the blog, you're still on your feet…good news

    Just curious….how long does Pie Week go? Cuz I'm loving it

    Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo. Can you ever have enough?

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