Pie Week: Quick Sabbatical

No, ‘Quick Sabbatical’ is not the name of uber hip pie shop in Bushwick– although, I would totally go there if it did exist.

My extremely tight, top-secret, scientifically crafted Pie Week schedule was thrown off last night when I discovered that one of the places on the list is closed for the summer from July 30th-August 6th. Don’t they know that is right in the heart of pie week?!? Come on.

That left me with a gap in a schedule and a hole in my heart as I wandered the streets of New York City panhandling for a “slice of the good stuff.” But, no luck. I cried myself to sleep last night as I whispered the words “a la mode” in my sleep.

Suffice it to say, it was a rough night for me. But I woke up this morning with the promise of a new day and a fresh chance of finding the pie of our generation.

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