How in the world is it July 26th?

Today’s post is called “How in the world is it July 26th?”

We will be going deeper into asking the question that is currently on everyone’s minds: How in the world is it July 26th?

July is the 4th of July.
July is record breaking temperatures.
July is long, warm evenings.
July is homemade peach cobbler.
July is Iced coffee and lawn chairs.

But, July 26th is, like… the end of July!! July 26th is not supposed to be here yet!

This summer, I have been in an intense love/hate relationship with New York City. There are days that I hate every smelly street-meat stand that seeps into my clothes, every long avenue block that I walk down and every concrete building I see. And I want to run, not walk, but RUN out of this place to anywhere that is green.

But then! When I think that I have finally given up on the city and it’s commitment-phobic tendencies, I walk past a community garden that I hadn’t noticed the day before, or I see a woman with a face that has so much character, you can literally hear the pages of her autobiography when she walks past you or I discover a street that, even though I don’t live on, feels like home. And all of a sudden, it’s back. My love for this place. New York City notices me.

And I’ve tried. I’ve tried, I’ve tried, I’ve tried to take in every ounce of this summer both when I knew exactly why I was here but also even more when I would feel lonelier than I’d ever experienced and I couldn’t see September if you gave me the world’s strongest microscope. I wanted to eat up every bite of every emotion. But it’s July 26th and I don’t feel like I’ve done enough. There are restaurants I haven’t seen and museums I haven’t eaten up. I’m not convinced that I’ve done enough.

And now, it’s started happening. The walk to work feels shorter. The contractors that take their bagel break on the corner of 3rd and Stuy finally smile at me in the morning when I walk by. And I’ve learned to sway when the subway sways like we’re dancing.

I’m finally getting it.

So, I ask again: HOW IN THE WORLD IS IT JULY 26TH!?

I need more time.

3 thoughts on “How in the world is it July 26th?

  1. i agree with mumsie, but i gotta say that i am having a hard time being sympathetic. New York has stolen you from us for an entire summer. And as i write this, i realize that just because youre leaving there doesn't mean you are coming here. You probably have to go back to Georgia. what the hell Julia?! i am all for life experiences, but what happened to spending our days on the couch watching movies and Office re-runs? huh? yay. i guess those days are on hold for me too. Scout doesn't like Jim and Pam as much as we do.

  2. Ummmm…. i am DEFINITELY coming home before I head back to the dirty south. for like, 3 whole weeks, but if you talk to my dad, don't mention this. its a surprise. but there will definitely be time spent with you, scout, jim, pam and the couch. i wonder if you'll get this? i'll text you.

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