Just me and the cat.

Yesterday, Kaitlin packed her sleeping bag and hit the road. This means the end of visitors week here in the East Village. So obviously, it’s time to look back and reflect on the week that marked the halfway point of this incredible summer and the wonderful time I had with my also wonderful family.

Breakfast at Balthazar.

Georgetown cupcakes. 
We can’t take her anywhere.

 Dinner with Natasha.

You would not believe what I have to go through to get some eggs benny in this town.
The Met: Prada and Schiaparelli

Kaitlin’s perfect man– holding honeycomb and surrounded by lambs. 

Stepping into the 20th Century. 
El Antatsui, Clyfford Still, Franz Kline. Now you’re speaking my language. 

Future SCAD students. (The boy second in from the right gets me every time)

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
Patrick Dougherty

The last dinner with mommers. 
Mast Bros. Chocolate in Brooklyn. A pilgrimage of destiny and necessity. 
Overwhelmed with the hand craftiness of it all. 

Headed to the park with Alyssa. 

Hunks of cheese, thinly sliced rosemary prosciutto, fresh bread, and cheap wine in Starbucks cups.  

Getting lost in the West Village (in the best possible way).  
And finishing out the trip with Kaitlin meeting the legendary Giulio.

It was so perfect having them visit at this particular time. I was so lucky to be able to speak out loud so many of the things that have only been rolling around in my head for the past few months. I miss you guys already!

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