Ooooh. Toooo. Moorrow. Tomorrow.

I love ya, tomorrow.

Because Kaitlin and Mommy are coming!!!

(at 6:00 AM… grrrr)

But let’s not worry about that right now!

Right now I am focusing on getting to give mommy a big hug and getting to jump on Kaitlin. And tell her “Happy Graduation” face to face. And to show them around this sweaty, sweaty city that I currently call home.

We’ll get to eat really good breakfasts. We’ll get to have really good talks. Mostly about me. We’ll get to go shopping. Wait. No we won’t. I’m the only one who likes to shop. Maybe just for an hour? Just give me an hour. Anyway. We’ll go to museums. And then take long, post museum naps. We’ll take lots of pictures. And they won’t be from my iPhone. And I’ll actually be in them. We’ll do a whole lot of laughing. About everything silly. I’ll get to be myself for a few days. And did I mention a whole lot of eating?


In the meantime, I have the day off of work, so I’m going to prep my little shoebox for their arrival. Laundry, Sweeping, Making the bed.

I’m really rolling out the red carpet for these guys.

2 thoughts on “Ooooh. Toooo. Moorrow. Tomorrow.

  1. I hope you're buying all the meals, cuz mom and Kaitlin are on a definite budget. Enjoy eating out.

    Is Lord King still around or is she officially the red carpet?

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