Rain makes me happy

Today was wonderful. I had work (of course) until the reasonable hour of 6:30 (ok– sort of reasonable) when they released me of my duties. I decided that it would be in my best interest to walk home. Although it was slightly raining, the cool breeze and sputtery droplets of water felt so nice on my cheeks as I listened to music all the way home.

I even took an alternative route and discovered a really beautiful street that I had yet to see.

After I came home and dried off for about 15 minutes, I decided that I hadn’t had enough fresh air for the day so I set off down 1st Avenue to the Meatball Shop– a restaurant that has been on the top of my list since I read about it last week– to pick up some eats to go.

I walked there. Ordered. Took my food. Walked back home and enjoyed the rest of my evening in my pj’s watching the Bachelorette.

What a glorious evening.

I am happy. And I’m getting into the groove. Finally. It’s happening. I knew it would.

That’s a lie. I knew it would. Then I didn’t think it would. And now– it is.

I am getting into the groove.

Here’s to an even groovier tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Rain makes me happy

  1. Groovy!!! 🙂
    I'm counting down the days to seeing you and going to Balthazar! 6 days and counting!!!
    Aunt Beth Anne

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