Lord Friend

By the way! I forgot to mention yesterday that I have a fourth roommate: this cat!

Ashley told me her name at some point and it was something weird, so I’ve decided to call her Lord Friend. She and I hang out a lot. I am allergic to some cats, but I don’t think that she’s one of them because I haven’t sneezed once. Hooray!

2 thoughts on “Lord Friend

  1. . . . Lord Friend is cute and all…. but, I have gone onto this blog one too many times to be greeted with those freakishly big eyes instead of a new and great blog post


  2. If I open up this blog and look this freakin' cat in the eye one more time, I'm gonna SCREAM… literally… seriously…

    I don't care if your next blog post is a sentence or plagiarized from Hamlet, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS FELINE EVER EVER EVER AGAIN.

    love you

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