Today is my first day of work. I feel really nervous and very sick. This is not good. After posting about the amazing day yesterday, I kicked around for a little bit and then suddenly started feeling super nauseous. I think it may be a combination of weeks of sleep deprivation, nerves, caffeine (that I am becoming more and more convinced that I’m allergic to) and dehydration. All together. In my tummy. And then feeling sick only creates more worry and therefore more sick feelings. I went to bed super early last night and although I still feel pretty gross this morning, I’m hoping that it’s mostly nerves that will go away once I get to work and get started.

Please, please pray that I am not really sick and that it’s just a temporary bout of pre-job panic.

One thought on “Nerves

  1. Praying… you'll knock em dead, but how could you not be nervous! You're in the NYC at MJ… first day! You'll be awesome! xoxo


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