ok, wow.

Today, my big sister, Kaitlin Smarty-McSmartypants-with-a-Side-of-Sexy-Hot-Sauce Patton is graduating! What?! Holy Moly. I can’t believe it. That was a lie. I totally can believe it. Because she is pretty much the hardest working, smartest, most Godly, (and, as previously mentioned, dead. sexy.) person I know. And all of that means that you’ve earned the right to walk across that BIOLA stage and shake DBC’s hand with pride and joy and a good dose of pep in your step.

When I think back over the last four years of Kaitlin’s time at B-Ten, I am so in awe of all of the work God has done. In fear of this post getting way way way too lengthy, let me just say this– five years ago at around this time, we weren’t even sure if Kaitlin would be graduating high school on time, let alone going to college. And then four years ago, after getting into EVERY SCHOOL she applied to WITH SCHOLARSHIPS (way to set the bar a little high, Kaits) we had no idea how long she would be able to go to school.

But, what’s that? She is graduating today? With honors? And the recipient of the “Who’s Who” award? And as a distinguished student in psychology? And (I would argue, most importantly) with the most amazing and smart and supportive and fun and funny and friends in the world? Yep. I am talking about you,¬†Kaitlin Smarty-McSmartypants-with-a-Side-of-Sexy-Hot-Sauce Patton.

I am sad beyond words to say that I will not be there cheering on not only Kaitlin and have definitely been in a self pity slump for the past few days (this might also be combination of sleep deprivation, extreme anxiety over the coming weeks, the stresses of moving and good ole cramps), but also the fact that I’m going to miss seeing her amazing friends who I am lucky to say that I have grown to consider my own friends over the years graduate too. But unfortunately, Apparel I waits for no man and Eckburg’s steel grip grows ever tighter as the sands of time counting down to due dates and spontaneous combustion grows ever tighter. But I will definitely be tuning in online at 9:00 AM PST.

Kaitlin, I love you. I am so proud of you. I am so humbled by you. I want to hug you. I am excited for your future. I miss you. I am so so lucky to call you my sister. I am so so so sorry I can’t be there for you, especially because you have ALWAYS been there for me, but I am so excited to see you in a few short weeks. I am now crying.


PS- Congratulations to Claire Burlingham who is also graduating today!

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  1. Bummed you aren't here puj! I'll give Kaitlin an extra hug for you(: Keep on pressing on lover! You are so close to getting to partake in an amazing adventure in an amazing city!
    Love you!

  2. Ditto…couldn't have said it better than Tar Bear…you weren't here in person but you were soooo thought of! Miss you, know your workin hard, sooo proud of you, love you so very much…hopefully I'll be able to give you a hug n person before too long!,

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