This weekend was quite the whirlwind. Today is whirlwind. Let’s be honest– it’s going to be a whirlwind for a while.

In that case: Pictures.

Thursday. There was a shooting in downtown Savannah. Don’t freak out. I’m fine. No one was injured. The guy held up in a restaurant for a while and then they got him. But!  Things were crazy long enough for one of my classes to get cancelled. I’ll take what I can get. So, we took advantage of the unexpected bubble of free time by hitting up the ever nutritious and always cheery Back in the Day Bakery. Frances and I accidentally matched. And then we each got cokes and shared chocolate cake. True love.

Later in the afternoon, when we really did have class, Susie and I toughed it out at Eckburg and stayed for the rest of the night until we closed the place down with the security guard. 

Before we left, though, Spencer popped in for a bit to say hi and impress us with her dancing skills.

Friday. Back at Eckburg. All day. 
Except for a short break in the middle of the day when I got to help out stand around and crack stupid jokes at the photo shoot of my dear Lindsay Giambattista’s gorgeous final piece for her Intro Class. 

The location of the shoot was this amazing antique store at the edge of Forsyth park that I had wandered into once before, but had never realized that it is actually 5 stories tall and probably the coolest place in the whole entire world. Frances modeled and the amazing Kara Reichart took the beautiful pictures. So much talent in one place– I can barely take it!!!
If you want to see more pics, click here.
Then, of course, back to Eckburg. (Are you seeing a pattern here?) By the way, all of the pictures are of my Apparel I final, but more on that later. 
After I finished up there, I got to go to dinner with the roomies and a few extra guests, Claire’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Barnhardt, and one of Claire’s good friends, Grace, who had come into town for the big SCAD Fashion Show!!
And that brings us to Saturday: After more Eckburg in the morning, I came back to the house to let in even more wonderful guests: The Malinski Family! With Spencer being a big hot shot model in the show and all, the whole fam (plus dog, Lola, and baby baby kitten, Princess Zuri) came to see Spencer work it. 
Lola and I had some real bonding time before it was time to get all fancy and head downtown for the show. 
The show is actually a pretty big deal here and something that I look forward to all year, so it was very exciting that the day had finally arrived. Here’s a little promo video: 
So fashionable. 
HOT DAMN! IT’S SPENCER MALINSKI! When Frances and I saw her walking down the runway, we freaked out. Too much. What can I say? We’re just two proud dads. 

 Us hanging out with the talent after the amazing show.

And let’s not leave out this little powerhouse. Oli worked backstage with the models dressing them and styling them for the big event. I mean, look at that pose. 5 foot 2 and 100% woman.

Immediately after the show, it was time for a quick outfit change and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then back to work. This time, I bailed on Eckburg and went to Alexander Hall (Painting and Printmaking building) with Frances while she worked wonders with the printing press. I worked on sketching…

And then worked on sketching and then worked on sketching and then worked on sketching until 12:00 last night before I finished the last flat and hit the hay. 
Yikes. Packed, right? Well, this is final’s, folks. Be either with us or against us. 
What’d you do this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Marathon

  1. Ok…

    1. Way to be kickin it…you will survive the next ten days and then NYC baby!

    2. Oli's looking hot…check out her zsa zsa long hair and color…woo woo!

    3. Frances could double major in modeling…love those sultry, demure, all knowing but I'm not gonna tell you my secret looks…go, girl

    4. Spennie must have once again rocked the runway…gotta let me know when I can watch the stream next year….so glad you got in his year!

    5. Soooo fun that the fams could come too…sigh…small tear…

    Lbnl….plz post pics of your finished products

    12312312312312312312312312312312313231231232312323…you get the idea

  2. I spent my weekend in San Diego watching my two lively roommates graduate. And watching them graduate made me think of Kaitlin's graduation which got me thinking yes finally I get to see both my cousins! Then the sad realization came over me and I realized you wouldn't be there. 🙁 but then I remembered!! June 30th!! It's on…see you in New York!

    Stay strong love! You can do it!! 🙂

    P. S. I got my hair cut…it's short maybe too short but thanks for the inspiration!!

    Love you,

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