No Potato Pancakes

Ok, so unfortunately, I didn’t have a ton of time to make potato pancakes this weekend. I know. So lame. I’m just as bummed as you are. I was simply too busy. Again, I KNOW. SO LAME.

I have been avoiding blogging all week because there is some news that I couldn’t quite find a way to tell all you suckers. It’s been quite the whirlwind of a week. So, following the rubric of a masterfully crafted pattern by yours truly for the past 20 years, when something is too hard for me to put into words, I make Kaitlin do it. She’s a big fan of jargon. So much jargon, in fact, that she often uses her word wizardry to outsmart, outwit and outplay people on a daily basis– especially to win fights against verbally challenged (and easily befuddled and bamboozled little sister).

Take it away, Kaits!

About two weeks ago there was some misinformation posted on this blog.  Actually, not as much misinformation as something that is now false due to new information.  Due to the integrity of the blogger and out of respect for the Bushka in the City blog readers, we will now correct the unintentional inaccuracies in order to set the record straight.  The following is as accurate an account as I can give.
Constantly Seeking Truth,Kaitlin Patton– Copy Editor, Bushka in the City
If one is an avid reader of Bushka in the City, as am I, you will likely recall a posting entitled, “Whomp” making an appearance on the blogroll on March 29, 2012 at 9:18 PM, EDT.  Many of us dedicated readers were saddened to read of the author’s downcast spirit in light of losing the opportunity to intern at Marc Jacobs for this upcoming summer.  It was communicated in that blog that the internship had become an unlikely reality due to scheduling conflicts.  The author, Julia, conjectured that the denial of the internship due to these scheduling conflicts “was just a nice and easy way of saying they didn’t want (her) without actually saying they didn’t want (her).”  I, like many other readers, knew that this was complete hog-wash and poppycock, but held our tongues to revel in the melancholy of the situation as a sign of fidelity to our favorite blog-wrier.  It was commonly shared across the Bushka in the City Reader’s universe that Marc Jacobs was missing out on an amazingly talented person, but that Julia would excel in whatever came her way.  
Everything up to this point was communicated in truth, however, due to the following change in the course of events, we must let you know what has occurred since this point.  On Thursday April 12, I received a phone call from Julia while at the café Peach’s in Aspen, CO.  Through the duration of this phone call the following information was gained:
It appears that after believing the internship was an impossibility, Julia was contacted by a woman at Marc Jacobs for an interview.  The woman communicated that although the scheduling was the original reason of the declination, Marc Jacobs would like to see if some shred of possibility remained for Julia to join them this summer in New York City, New York.  The representative asked for an interview, which went swimmingly.  After the passing of time, Julia was again contacted and asked to intern for Marc Jacobs for the summer of 2012.  Julia accepted.
Again, we are so sorry for the sadness that may have been garnered from reading the original posting, “Whomp”. We hope that this redaction can allow you to again trust us in the future.  But, really, we all knew that the author’s opinion on the denial of the internship originally was informed by lies from the pit of hell anyway. Thank you for your time and your faithful readership.

Did you understand all that? Because, I’m gonna be honest, I had to re-read a couple of sentences a few times… and it’s about something that happened to me… so…

In case you didn’t, let me wrap this lady up by hitting the main points:


Quick Timeline: 
Monday– I had completely mentally and emotionally let go of the idea of interning with Marc Jacobs and I was very ok with the plan of me coming home for the summer and permanently sitting on the couch. 
Tuesday– Still ok with it, I unsuspectingly check my e-mail to get the most surprising and nonchalant e-mail EVER from my contact at MJ stating that the dates may in fact work in my favor and asking if I’d be able to talk on the phone later this week. OF COURSE I WOULD BE ABLE TO TALK ON THE PHONE LATER THIS WEEK. E-mails are sent back and forth. We decide on 5 o’clock on Wednesday. I decide it’s best to not tell ANYONE what has just happened in fear of A) somehow jinxing things B) having to then re-explain on Thursday that the phone call went terribly wrong and I didn’t get the internship and C) Even thinking about it made me nauseous and the idea of saying the words out loud made me want to throw up. I call my parents “just to say hi.” They know somethings up and I have to keep myself from bursting into stress tears. They sound nervous for my mental/emotional health. I somehow abstain from spilling the beans. We say goodbye, but I stay on the phone (confession: I always do this. It’s amazing what people say when they think you’ve hung up) and I hear my dad say “She sounded weird.” 
Wednesday- Paralyzed by fear. I skip all my classes. I just can’t. I go stress shopping instead. I buy a pair of amazing shoes that will either console my broken heart when the internship falls through or work great on the job this summer. Win win. All my roommates wonder why I’m in such a bad mood and spending money that I don’t have. 5:00 slowly approaches. I get increasingly sweaty. 
At 4:45, I tell everyone that “I’m just going to go for a drive.” They are weirded out by such extreme secrecy. I take my car and park on Abercorn and 34th. Sketch area. I feel like a detective. I call Marc Jacobs. My face is red. She can probably tell through the phone. She asks me questions. I answer. One thing leads to another, and I got the internship! I make a joke. She laughs. I’m feeling good. We hang up. 
When I get home, I am excited to open the doors and reveal my cool secret to everyone and I discover that no one is home. Awkward. I watch Ellen. Claire runs in the door and tells me we have to go to the emergency room because Frances has injured herself in a skateboard accident. I can’t help but tell Claire the news on the way to pick up Frances. She is excited. But suggests that I curb news for a few hours while we figure out if everything’s ok with Frances. Good thinking, Clairence. We spend the next few hours at the emergency room. Still not the best place to reveal my exciting news. X-Rays are taken. Frances has torn a ligament in her shoulder. Yikes. But it’s good that it’s not broken. We went to dinner and while we were waiting for a table, I decided to  fill them in. This was their reaction:
Spencer is excited. Olivia started rapping about me living in New York. Frances and her sling are less impressed. Claire shares in the belated excitement. We went on to have a lovely dinner at Green Truck Pub. Spirits high. 
Ok, so that wasn’t such a quick timeline. I just got carried away. 
I am so excited for this summer, but also a little overwhelmed with all that comes with living somewhere new for 3 months (don’t worry- I’ll definitely be expounding upon this idea in future blog posts). But definitely definitely excited. If anyone knows anyone in NY who may have an extra room or is subletting their apartment, let me know! I’m on the hunt. 
Thanks, Kaitlin, for helping me break the news. 

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  1. Fantastic news!! Congratulations and all of that fun stuff. Do you think you could get them to keep you thruough December? I have always wanted to see New York around Christmas time.
    Love you bunches
    ~Aunt Sue

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