This is how I’m handling it:

If there is anyone out there still reading this sob story of a blog, where I, poor little art student, barely survives under large mountains of Prismacolor markers and over priced paper, let me tell you that I coming close to finding something that I didn’t think could exist this quarter: balance. Somehow among the chaos of Spring quarter, I have devised a routine (my favorite word) that is working so well. Suspiciously well… No. Happily well. 

Let me explain:

In the corner of my room, there is a door that leads to the kitchen (midnight snackers rejoice).

On that door now lives four lists. They are my lifeblood. 
Top Left. To Eat: 
A list of groceries that I have bought. I know. This is the most neurotic thing you have ever seen, yeah? Well, let me tell you something you may not know: Groceries are expensive. Especially when you are trying to be healthy and are buying mostly fruits, veggies and lean protein (how Top Chef did I just sound?). And sometimes, I have a nasty habit of buying all of these delicious goods only to forget that I bought them until weeks later when I am looking for something to eat and all I have are mushy asparagus and fuzzy zucchini that I had completely abandoned in the back of my veggie shelf. No bueno. On top of that, being in class everyday until 4:30, I usually end up eating dinner around 11:00 because I’m waiting for my chicken to thaw out. Because I may have only taken it out of the freezer at about 4:40. Now, I’m not wasting food and I have a fair swing at eating dinner at a normal hour. (And yes, I did itemize every egg individually.)
Top Right. To Do:
Everything from the list of companies I need to e-mail about possible internships to renewing my passport to taking in my sewing machine to the sewing machine repair man to getting my pants tailored. This is what I think of as my “Linda Patton” list– all the things that my mom/grown ups do in the span of one morning without even missing a beat. Let me just say that I’m not at the Linda Patton level of adulthood yet because there are things on this list that have been on there since October. That’s not a joke. 
To Buy:
Not what you think. This list is not a list of clothes in various shopping carts of various websites (although that list does exist), but rather a list of necessary additions to my life that I have to patiently wait for the funds to buy. It’s hard. Because I’ve been kind of spoiled my whole life. Not in a “Veruca Salt” sort of way, but in more of a “I have loving, financially stable parents who have done a good job at providing for me because they want the best for me” kind of way. And now, I still have those parents, but our relationship is more like “I have loving, financially stable parents who have done a good job at providing for me and are now making me provide for myself because they want the best for me.” I mean, it’s for the best, but it’s still hard. I want a car wash. 
The bottom two lists. Speech/ Sketching/ Ethnography/ Apparel I:
Homework. This needs little explanation, other that for me to say that I have filled and replaced the space on these lists 6 times already this quarter.
So, that’s the way I’m pulling off this quarter. I promise this won’t be the last time I complain about it. Sorry. But if you want to leave an encouraging comment, I would be mighty grateful. And I’d think of you fondly the next time I cross something off the list. 

5 thoughts on “This is how I’m handling it:

  1. I was gonna leave an encouraging comment before you even said that! Cause cousin, art is hard. School is hard. Figuring out what you want to do with your life in order to be fulfilled 150% of the time is HARD, and maybe not even possible. You just gotta go with the flow of progress, keep your eventual goals organized and strong in your mind, and understand that things are moving forward constantly. Also, organization is key, and your lists are awesome. Does this make sense? Am I being super Burlingham?

  2. Julia – get it gurl! Honestly brilliant. Look at you, kicking ass and taking names. Those eggs ain't got nothing on you. Prepared. Independent. Awesome. So proud. Don't tell anyone, but I have done the exact same thing with the list of groceries for the exact same reason.

  3. Schedule lovers (like myself) find this door of lists the definition of an anxious-free life…I for one would be lost without my lists (summer list, hw list, grocery list, and a “Linda Patton” list as well). You asked for an encouraging comment, but all I have to say is, while the lists may seem daunting, they will ultimately bring you much happiness when you can start crossing things off. We are close to the end my love(: One day at a time…

  4. Regarding frozen chicken-put piece of chicken you want to eat in a plastic bag, zip closed, put bag in bowl of hot water, let sit for 30 minutes or until chicken is mostly thawed maybe need to had hot water again at 15 minutes, then cook.
    You can cook frozen hamburger patties slowly over a low flame..put a frozen roast in the oven and allow for 30 or so more minutes of cooking time.
    Hints from G Bunny
    Your new regime WILL WORK! Take it from a looooooong time list maker

  5. Julia –
    Everything that you have mentioned is completely normal and seeing as I'm OCD your lists makes me so happy!:) Your encouragement is this…you are managing your time exquisitely and know that each thing you write on your lists, the joy of crossing it off is twice fold.

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