Oh, no. I got to keep on moooovin.

I just hung up the phone on an encouraging phone regarding all things ‘Julia’s life’ with my mom and when I sat down at my desk to start my homework, this song was the first song to play on iTunes.


Just what I needed.

This song (and the video) ALWAYS put me in a good mood.

2 thoughts on “Oh, no. I got to keep on moooovin.

  1. OMG – the costumes and the hair styles and the choreography, Billie's pants, the music…..ahhhh, the sweet 70's (?) That anyone heard that guy's voice and the song and then thought, “Oh my gosh, it's a hit!” is amazing.

    And the way Marilyn McCoo moves when she's introducing him… priceless.

    Altho, as much as I hate to admit it, this is one of those songs that you can't help singing along to on the chorus.

    OHHHH — just ended — nice final pose.

    Thanks for the smile!

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