Sometimes, I’m a major diva.

Ok. It’s Sunday. Pity party over. How depressing was this last week on the blog? I think I must have fallen and bumped my head because I had mad case of Drama Queen up in here. Yeah, I’m overwhelmed with classes. Yeah, I didn’t get a really cool internship. Yeah, we are probably going to have to move sooner than we anticipated. Yeah, I miss home sometimes. 
Well, little baby Julia, sometimes homework is hard and sometimes life isn’t exactly how you had planned, but lucky for you, there are about 8 million reasons why your life is so awesome and blessed and wonderful. 
Enough with the self pity. It’s week 2 of the quarter and I’m ready for a new attitude. Yesterday, I re-read a couple of posts from last week and I was seriously embarrassed at my seriously defeatist attitude in almost every sentence. Yikes. Moving on. 
I can be sad, but I can’t let that take over. I’m going to go make some breakfast now. 

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